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"Women are portrayed as historically unimportant and incapable."

These are the words of PhD in History Education, Annie Chiponda; and historian Johan Wassermann in just one of the many articles that has been written that highlight the under-representation of women in school history books. Studies across the world, from Taiwan to the United Kingdom, have echoed this statement. 2Gal are in agreement with the many people that feel that this really isn't good enough. 

We have the power to change it. We can educate ourselves, sing petitions and lobby our governments (find your local UK MP here) to include more female voices in our history curriculum. But we can also simply tell a pal.


Tell your pal about the women in history that have inspired you. Tell them about the women you wished you had learned about in school. Tell them to tell their pal. If we all tell one person, and they tell another person and so on, imagine how quickly we can make these amazing women household names. Go on... Tell Your Pal.

2Gal are working to provide a platform for these amazing women's stories. We will continue to add to this list weekly, but please get in touch if there's someone who's story you'd like us to tell.

Claudette Colvin

Claudette Colvin


Kimura Komako (木村駒子)


Irena Sendler


Wangari Maathai

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